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Журнал. Личность. Культура. Общество
E-mail редакции / of Editorial office: lko@mail.ru

Тел./tel.: (906) 7853196 (помощник главного редактора / assistant of Editor in Chief)

Vol. 13. Issue. 3 (65-66). 2011

2010.gif Готовится к выходу 2010.gif Содержание выпусков (1999-2019)
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Contents (in Russian) 3
Publishers and editorial board 6

Editor’s note
ASTAFYEVA O.N. From discussion to scholarly publication 9

Classical Heritage
HERSKOVITS M.J. The Significance of the Study of Acculturation for Anthropology (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) 13
GLUCKMAN M. The Utility of the Equilibrium Model in the Study of Social Change (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) 18

Theory and Methodology
OGURTSOV A.P. (Moscow) Methodology of science and its anthropological resource (article 1) 45
ORLOVA E.A. (Moscow) Anthropological grounds of the scientific cognition 66
YUDIN B.G. (Moscow) Human being as a testee: anthropology of bio-medicinal study 84

The world of culture
SUCHLAND J. (USA) Is there a postsocialist critique? (beginning) (trans. M.V. Tlostanova) 97
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) Transcultural and transmodern aesthetics/aesthesis and emancipation of knowledge and of being (part 2) 109

Individual and his/her identity
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Alternativity as a way of individual existence 122

Ethnicity and culture
MIRONOV V.V. (Moscow) Transformation of culture: hazards for the dialogue 144
RYBAKOV S.Ye. (Moscow) On methodology for the study of ethnic phenomena 153
MOMDZHAN К.Kh. (Moscow) Anthropological aspect of Russian identity 165
NAZARCHUK A.V. (Moscow) Ethnic networks in the global society 171

Individual and creativity
MEN M.A. (Ivanovo) Leadership as a personal phenomenon 181

Language and intercultural communication
McGREGOR Ch. (USA) Creating a best-seller – adventures with a dictionary (transl. A.A. Ryvlina) 192
YEFIMOV O.I. (Cheboksary) Communicative competence as a condition of civil society functioning at the present stage 210

Art and life
TROY M. (Sweden) “Fishy” Prose 217

Philosophy and cultural studies
LATINA S.V. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) The genealogy and contemporary development of gender problematic in Western and Russian humanities 225
MOROZOVA V.S. (Chita) The logic of comparative philosophy in the context of regional culture study in contemporary Russian and Chinese methodology 231
SHUMAKOV V.A. (Chelyabinsk) Realization of the researcher’s personal resources in the creative scholarly cognition 239

Economics and sociology
YEGOROV V.N., MINEYEV V.А. (Ivanovo) The parameters of the enterprise market liquidity: a functional aspect 244

Politics and law
ALEXANDROV V.B., GROMOVA S.V. (Saint-Petersburg) The main categories in the ideology of Russian conservatism 249
RAZUVAYEV N.V. (Saint-Petersburg) Antiquity and the ancient East as alternatives of socio-cultural evolution 255

History and ethnology
DEMIDOV S.V., GLUBOKOVA N.G. (Ryazan) Austrian Anschluss in Anglo-Italian relations (1937–1938) 261
SHAKUROVA A.V. (Nizhny Novgorod) Ethnic identity in behavioral aspect 270

Philology and art history
MAKAROVA D.N. (Moscow) Image and representation: differentiating the concepts 276
MILOVSKAYA N.D. (Ivanovo) Attracting attention to the communicative failures in German everyday jokes 280
POLYAKOVA Ye.A. (Ivanovo) Old Germanic mythological spatial concepts in Old English poetic language and text 286
SAMSONOVA M.A. (Ulyanovsk) Artistic peculiarities of M. Bulgakov’s biographical works (based on the 1920s material) 292
FEDOSEYEVA Yu.A. (Ivanovo) Cosmology of love in I. Bunin’s and N. Smirnov’s prose 297

Congratulations on the jubilee!
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) An Individual and her Style (on P.F. Kravchuk jubilee) 302

Professional credo
REZNIK Yu.M., KULTYGIN V.P. (Moscow) What was he dreaming about (Yu.M. Reznik’s interview with professor V.P. Kultygin, Fall 1999) 306
REZNIK Yu.M., ASTAFYEVA O.N. (Moscow) On the quintessential in life 318

In memoriam
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) The light of science (a few words on A.A. Gritsanov) 340
GRITSANOVA A.I. (Minsk) I remember, love and mourn (about Alexander Gritsanov) 347
ABUSHENKO V.L. (Minsk) In memoriam: Alexander Gritsanov 350

Review Essays
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books by our colleagues 353
GAVROV S.N. (Moscow) New Don Quixote, or Notes on the intellectual life of Personality.Culture.Society 362
GRANIN Yu.D. (Moscow) Individual in quest of identity: questions and answers 364
Contents (in English) 374
Only in our journal: a list of translations of classical texts (1999-2011) 377

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