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Журнал. Личность. Культура. Общество
E-mail редакции / of Editorial office: lko@mail.ru

Тел./tel.: (906) 7853196 (помощник главного редактора / assistant of Editor in Chief)

About the journal

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From the editorial board

In December 1999, we launched the first issue of a new scholarly journal "Personality. Culture. Society". The journal claiming to maintain the popular humanities profile and the high academic style, could not a priori receive any straightforward acceptance, especially that this academic publishing segment has been firmly dominated for a long time by such veterans in scholarly periodicals as "Problems of Philosophy", "Sociological Investigations", "Political Studies", "Social Sciences and Modernity", "Ethnographic Review" and other such journals. In 10 years, according to many experts, the new journal has become one of the most interesting and promising publications in the field. Today it is referred to as "one of the most widely read and influential academic journals". It is included in the list of peer-reviewed journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation for the publication of the PhD candidates works. But we regard these pleasant reviews as a high credit of trust, which we yet have to meet and maintain.

The mission of the journal

What makes a good academic journal?
One can assume that it requires innovative and fundamental problematic, originality of approaches, diversity of topics and rubrics, a good quality of translations, a substantial group of highly professional authors, a unified composition and style, and an interactive nature.
"PCS" is a journal conceptually bringing together the basic categories of the social sciences and the humanities, expressing the main aspects of the modern society - personality, culture and society itself.
It is a journal, intended primarily for professionals interested in a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the matters, and not anxious to belong to any corporate community of "narrow" specialists and unilateral pragmatists.
This is a journal for scholars and practitioners seeking to overcome the "disciplinary boundaries" between different spheres and to address the problems of social life. It is both a theoretical and a practically oriented journal which strives to shape a new kind of academic discourse and public dialogue. The journal focuses on such areas as the methodology of the complex study of humans, culture and society, social theory, theory of culture and identity, theory of organization and management, psychology, theory of the state and judicial theory, gender studies, theory of science, cross-cultural studies, Russian studies, social technologies and their applied models, pedagogy and teaching methods in the humanities.

Scholarly debates

The interactive nature of the journal has been most fully expressed in a number scholarly debates and discussions, initiated by the editorial board.
The journal published materials of the four Scholarly Conferences "Humans, Culture and Society in the context of globalization" (see: V. 2. .: 2000 Issue 4, 2000. V. 2. Special issue. 1, 2001, Vol. 3. Issue 1-3, 2003. 5. V. Issues 1-4, 2003. 5. V. Special issue. 1-2, 2004. V. 6. Issues. 2 and 4), and the following seminars and round tables: "Power as an integration of humanities" (round table) (see: 1999. V. 1. issue 1), "Municipal Management: Theory and Practice" (round table) (see: 2000. Vol. 2. Issue 2), "Methodology of cognition in the spheres of humans, society and culture" (roundtable in RSU) (see: 2003 V. 5. Issue 3-4), materials of an interdisciplinary scholarly association meeting "Humans. Culture. Society" (see: 2003 V. 5. Special Issues Vol. 1-2), "Society Against Terrorism" (round table) (see: 2005. Vol. 5. Issue 1), "Time. Eternity. Oblivion" (round table) (see: 2005. V. 5. Issues 2-4), "Humans in the civil society: the problematic of identity "(round table) (see: 2005. Vol. 5. Issue 2) "Russia and the West in the context of Ukrainian events" (round table) (see: 2005. Vol. 5. Issue 2).
Besides, over the years the journal has published different materials of scholarly discussions that have received a wide recognition among the academic community.
Thus, in 2002-2004 the journal granted its pages to the discussion on "Contemporary social philosophy: its subject and ways of development." Fifteen well known scholars in the area of social philosophy and social theory took part in this debate, including Professor V.Zh. Kelle, V.S. Barulin, K.S. Pigrov, V.E. Kemerov, K.H. Momjian, Yu.M. Reznik (see: 2002. Vol. 4, Issues 3-4), M.S. Kagan, V.I. Razumov, N.S. Rozov, S.E. Yachin (see: 2003 Volume 5. Issues 1-4), P.K. Grechko, S.E. Krapivensky, V.N. Shevchenko, V.G. Fedotova (see: 2004 Vol. 6. Issue 1). The second major forum documented in the pages of our journal was devoted to the status of contemporary cultural studies and its correlation with other disciplines of culture. M.S. Kagan, V.M. Mezhuev, E.A. Orlova, V.L. Rabinovich (see: 2004. V. 6. Issue 2), N.G. Bagdasarian, P.S. Gurevich, A.A. Pelipenko, A.J. Flier (see: 2004. V. 6. Issue 3), V.M. Rozin (see: 2005 V. 7. Issue 1) took part in this discussion.

Our readers

The main audience of our journal consists of people who are an active and permanent part of the academic and socio-political processes of contemporary society, of professional scholars and social practitioners. Young researchers demonstrate a particular interest in our journal as they value the possibility of getting acquainted with the tradition of academic thought and being able to take part in the academic debates. Often, the journal is approached by various representatives of political parties, who are interested in the publications of various positions of individual scholars offered in the journal, and the professional analysis of the current socio-political and cultural situation in this country. "PCS" is in high demand among students of philosophy, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, social and cultural anthropology, organization and management, economics and law, education and psychology. Thanks to the journal they get an opportunity to learn about the current academic and scholarly trends and get an access to the classical heritage.
In a word, "PCS" is a journal which is open to all interested individuals and organizations.
Dear Colleagues! We cordially invite you to build a creative collaboration with our journal. Read “PCS” and publish with us!
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Тел. / tel.:
+7 (906) 785-31-96 (помощник главного редатора / assistant of Editor in Chief)


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