2012. Vol. 14. Issue. 2 (71-72)

Contents (in Russian) … 3
Publishers and editorial board … 6

Editors’ note
REZNIK Yu. M. (Moscow), TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) Once again on scholars’ ethos (an interlocution) … 9

Classical heritage
SPENCER H. The Principles of Sociology. Part VI. Ecclesiastical Institutions (continuation) (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) … 38
FORTES M. Totem and Taboo (continuation) (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) … 55

Theory and methodology
GRECHKO P.K. (Moscow) Historical reversibility of thinking: from notion to concept … 69
DAINOTTO R. (USA) The politics of the event (conclusion) (trans. M.V. Tlostanova) … 79
LORENZ Ch. (Netherlands) Historical knowledge and historical reality: A plea for ‘internal realism’. Part 2. (trans. Ye.V. Mishalova and O.P. Panafidina) … 84

The world of culture
FLIER A.Ya. (Moscow) History of culture as a change of the dominant identity types (conclusion ) … 99
SULTANOV K.K. (Moscow) Cultural otherness and postcolonial discourse: on the criteria and limits of interrelationship … 109
PENZIN A.A. (Moscow) Post-soviet “singularity”: a few theses and case studies around one problem … 114

Human being and his/her being
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Human life choice: essence and strategies of its realization (part 1) …123

From the history of social thought
VERKHOVIN V.I. (Moscow) The phenomenon of money in G. Simmel’s sociology (beginning) … 137

Politics and society
SAMSONOVA T.N., SHPUGA Ye.S. (Moscow) Political leader in the age of globalization … 144
CAMAU M. Political leadership between authoritarianism and democracy (trans. Ye.S. Shpuga) … 152
SUKOVATAYA V.A. (Kharkov) Holocaust, racism and war as sources of the “philosophy of the other” and postmodernist ethics … 169

Language and intercultural communication
PROSHINA Z.G. (Moscow) Changing paradigms in linguistic education? (Introduction to A. Matsuda’s article) …176
MATSUDA A. (USA) Negotiating ELT assumptions in EIT classrooms (trans. N.S. Chernikova) … 177
HONNA N. (Japan) English across cultures and intercultural awareness (trans. N.S. Chernikova) … 188

Philosophy And Cultural Studies
BOGDANOVA V.O., BORISOV S.V. (Chelyabinsk) Constructivist ideas in the philosophy of education: from methodology to axiology (part 2) …202
MAKHLINA S.T. (Komsomolsk_on_Amur) Eclecticism in interior … 210
SMIRNOV D.G. (Ivanovo) “Through sweating and experience”: a noospheric history through Vyach. Ivanov’s eyes … 216
Political Science And Jurisprudence
VOSTRYAKOV L.Ye., KASHINA M.A. (St. Petersburg) A negative image of public service: an accident or a tendency? … 223
DEMYANENKO N.V. (Ivanovo) A critique of socialism in H. Spencer’s doctrine … 230
DOKUCHAYEVA N.A. (Ivanovo) European Union and the preparation of the constitution of the Republic of Montenegro … 237
VINOGRADOVA Ye.A. (Ivanovo) Off-stage components in A. Chekhov’s Wooden Spirit and Uncle Vanya … 242
FILIPPOVA M.A. (Ivanovo) Ethnonyms in Old English linguistic outlook (Scandinavians in Anglo-Saxon view) … 246
Psychology And Pedagogy
YESENINA N.Ye. (Ryazan) The use of info-communicative technologies in foreign language teaching … 250
ILYUSHINA N.P. (Ivanovo) Consultation as a genre of academic discourse … 258
LAVINA T.A. (Cheboksary) Teacher’s competence in the sphere of information and communication technologies …263
SHUKLINA O.S. (Kursk) Innovative potential of the future specialist’s identity in the system of higher education … 268

Review essays
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books by our colleagues … 275
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) On creolization of theory, its trivialization and looting: reflections on two recently read books …286
NIKOLAYEV V.G. (Moscow) The world of organizations …297
GAVROV S.N. (Moscow) Reforging of the Olympic rings: international sport in quest of alternatives … 303
GRIGORYEVA I.A. (Saint-Petersburg) Social interaction in the context of social work …306

Contents (in English) …309
Only in our journal: a list of translations of classical texts (1999-2012) … 311