2012. Vol. 14. Issue. 3 (73-74)

Contents (in Russian) … 3
Publishers and editorial board … 5

Editor’s note
REZNIK Yu. M. (Moscow), TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) Once again on scholars’ ethos
(an interlocution, part 2) … 8

Classical heritage
SPENCER H. The Principles of Sociology. Part VI. Ecclesiastical Institutions (continuation) (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) … 31
FORTES M. Totem and Taboo (continuation) (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) … 48

Theory and methodology
LORENZ Ch. (Netherlands) Historical knowledge and historical reality: A plea for ‘internal realism’. Part 3. (trans. Ye.V. Mishalova and O.P. Panafidina) … 71
BOATCA М. (Germany) Catching up with the (New) West: German “Excellence Initiative”,
area studies and the re-production of inequality (trans. M.V. Tlostanova) … 89

Human being and his/her being
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Human life choice: essence and strategies of its realization (part 2) …113
TLOSTANOVA M.V (Moscow) The anatomy of happy life in a globalized world: reflecting on possible scenarios of the near future of humanity … 127

Civil Society
FEDOTOVA V.G. (Moscow) Political culture and the project of civil society … 143

Economy and society
VERKHOVIN V.I. (Moscow) The phenomenon of money in G. Simmel’s sociology (part 2) ….150
SHEVCHENKO D.A. (Moscow) Consumer behavior: theory and practice (part 1) …158

Language and intercultural communication
BOLTON K. (Sweden) Where WE stands: approaches, issues, and debate in world Englishes … 173
SCHNEIDER E.W. (Germany) Developmental patterns of English: similar or different? … 189

Philosophy And Cultural Studies
GRIGOROVA Ya.V. (Perm’) Transformation of labor and new forms of exploitation of creative agency … 204
IVASCHENKO Ye.A. (Komsomolsk_on_Amur) Youth press as a technology for shaping of the human identities of a new generation (based on the study of Khabarovsk region) … 208
KOSTYURINA N.Yu. (Komsomolsk_on_Amur) The main scholarly strategies in the study of axiology of contemporary youth … 213
SKVORTSOVA Ye.L. (Moscow) On effectiveness of modernization (a Japanese experience of cultural modernization in Meiji period) … 220
Economy And Sociology
DEMYANENKO N.V. (Ivanovo) H. Spencer’s social selection in the context of globalization …227
ZVONARYOVA A.Ye. (Ivanovo) Social practices as theoretical and methodological grounds for the study of fatherhood in sociology … 232
MARINTSEV D.A. (Ivanovo) Managerial aspects of economic reliability of industrial enterprises (a theoretical and methodological approach) …238
History And Philology
DEMIDOV S.V., KALYGIN A.A. (Ryazan) British foreign politics of the 1930s: the appeasers and the anti_appeasers … 242
DYRDIN A.A., AZATULLOYEVA O.V. (Ulyanovsk) The semantic context of the conceptual triad “birth – death – resurrection” in M. A. Sholokhov’s works …249
MAKAROV D.V., SAMSONOVA M.A. (Ulyanovsk) Evolution of narrative forms in M.A. Bulgakov’s works of the 1920–1930s …254
POLYVYANNY D.I. (Ivanovo) Нistoricism of medieval Slavic writings …259
Pedagogy And Psychology
ZASOBINA G.A., KORYAGINA I.I.(Ivanovo) Introducing the general competences system into the quality of educational process expertise … 264

In memoriam of V. Zh. Kelle
REZNIK Yu.M. (on behalf of the editorial board) Vladislav Zhanovich Kelle: an individual and a thinker … 270
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) A multiplicity of cultural universes …271
GUSEYNOV A.A. (Moscow) A word on Kelle … 279
MEZHUYEV V.M. (Moscow) Rationality and mentality (on correlation of intellectual and spiritual) …285
MIKHAYLOV I.F. (Moscow) Spirituality and ethics. Philosophic and ethical aspects of V.Zh. Kelle’s cultural theory … 293

Review Essays
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books by our colleagues … 299
PEREPYOLKIN L.S. (Moscow) Ethnology as a way of life (what is ethnology as a profession) …309
SHEVCHENKO D.A. (Moscow) The latest tendencies in the theory of business organizations … 316

Contents (in English) …319
Only in our journal: a list of translations of classical texts (1999–2012) … 321