2010, Vol. 12. Issue. 1 (53-54)

Contents (in Russian) . 3
Publishers and Editorial Board . 7

Editor’s Note
ASTAFYEVA O.N. The interdisciplinary prospects of our journal . 10
REZNIK Yu.M. On criterions of quality estimation of the scientific publications . 12

Classical Heritage
RADCLIFFE-BROWN A.R. A Natural Science of Society (Preface, Part 1) (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 18
HERSKOVITS M.J. Problem, Method and Theory in Afroamerican Studies (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 31
FEYERABEND P.К. Science in a free society (Part 2) (continued, trans. by A.L. Nikiforov) . 48

Issues of Theory and Methodology
KELLE V.Zh. (Moscow) Intellectual and spiritual in the history of philosophical thought and culture (Part 3, finishing) . 62
DOKUCHAEV I.I. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) Existence and truth (noesis and noema as features of existence) . 71

As a Discussion
Once more on object and subject of social philosophy
MOMJYAN K.Kh. (Moscow) On description of the object of reflective social philosophy . 79

GRECHKO P.K. (Moscow) The good reason to talk about serious things, Or what time is there on our philosophical yard 93
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Considerative social theory versus reflective social philosophy (retrospection of one discussion) 98

Contemporary social theory (continuation of the discussion)
RAZUMOV V.I. (Omsk) Do we really need a social theory, or we’ll continue to write philosophical essays? The response to my reviewers 104

Personality and creativity (continuation of the discussion)
YACHIN S.Ye. (Vladivostok) Meta-culture as the place of creative activity of personality on the borders of cultural environments 108
GRITSANOV A.A. (Minsk) From culture to meta8culture: from shade to light . 117

Politics and Society
PALONEN K. (Jyvдskylд, Finland) The politics and the political? Historical look on abandoned discussion 123
ZAKATOV A.N. (Moscow) Romanov dynasty after the February Revolution of 1917 . 132

Organization Studies and Management
SCHERBINA V.V. (Moscow) Classic theoretical models of organizational development as guidelines for organizations diagnostics 138
STROGETSKAYA Ye.V. On the issue of forecasting of the consequences of organizational changes 150

Education and Development
OGURTSOV A.P. (Moscow) The education – process vs activity? (Retrospection of interpretations) . 159

Language and Intercultural Communication
World Englishes Paradigm, Or contact variantology of English (Foreword to translation by Z.G. Proshina and T.A. Ivankova) . 173
KACHRU B.B. (Urbana-Champaign, Il, USA) Models for Non-Native Englishes 175

Arts and Life
LITVIN B.M. (Moscow) Behind Meyerhold 8 in spite of Meyerhold (On the performance by V. Fokin on N.V. Gogol’s “The Government Inspector”) 197
SOLDATOV V. (Moscow) The performance called “Life” (Part 2) .203

Philosophy and life
MISYUROV N.N. (Omsk) Romantic “philosophy of life” against “positive aesthetics” 219
TSVYK V.A. (Moscow) Philosophy of techniques: essence, prospects of development 226

Philosophy and culturology
KREBEL I.A. (Omsk) Topological dimension of Russian thought: myth poetics 234
POPOV V.V., IVANENKO A.A. (Taganrog) The role of concepts “integral” and “stage” for the estimation of social contradiction 243
CHERNOV G.Yu. (Chelyabinsk) Mass social phenomena as a problem of social philosophy 249
Economics and sociology
BASTRAKOVA L.B. (St. Petersburg) The spirit of enterprise as progressive element of personal economic behavior . 257
LONDADJIM T. (Ivanovo) The specificity of sociological study of social adaptation 261
History and political science
ALEKSANDROVA S.P. (St. Petersburg) The establishment of constitutional monarchy in England 266
VULFOVICH R.M., LOBKO V.N. (St. Petersburg) Burgomasters of Berlin late 19th – early 20th century 274
Philology and study of art
BAYEV B.G. (St. Petersburg) Old Belief literature within the context of Russian book-learning . 278
YEGOSHINA N.B. (Ivanovo) On the content of the concept “slang” in contemporary linguistics 286
ISAKOVA H.M. (Ufa) Inner speech statements containing the description of a mental state of characters . 291
MALYSHEVA H.G. (Omsk) The specifics of lexical8semantic representation of the concept “patriotism” in sporting discourse 296
MUSOKHRANOVA M.B. (Omsk) The terminogenesis as the base of speech awareness of a physician 303
PATRIKEYEVA N.A. (Ivanovo) Metaphysics of sound within the artistic world by A. Platonov 308
POLEZHAYEVA A.N. (Ivanovo) Contemporary song texts and the formation of youth’s culture of speaking . 313
SYUY M.V. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) On the issue of Chinese symbols classification .318
Psychology and pedagogic
GRIGORIEVA S.G., GRIGORIEVA L.G. (Cheboksary) The teacher‘s readiness to innovative activity 324
FATYKHOV S.G. (Chelyabinsk) Matriarchal and mother8phenomenal sources of love and its psycho8biological essence .334

Essay and sketches
AKOPYAN K.Z. (Moscow) Is the demiurge the creator? . 340

Universities of Russia
GORSHKOV A.S. (St. Petersburg) With a view to integrating into scientific and informational space .350
North Caucasus State Technical University 353
REZNIK Yu.N. (Chita) Internationalization of education as the factor of intercultural dialog and the condition of discourse 357

Scientific Life
VASETSKY A.A. (St. Petersburg) Russian political development under the context of modern global challenges .361

Professional Credo
The philosophy of professional (Prof. P.K. Grechko interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, part 2, March, 2009) .365
About philosophy, life, and not only about them (Prof. V.I. Razumov interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, April, 2009) .384
On personal attitude to science (Prof. A.B. Gofman interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, May-June, 2009) . 394
Once more about philosophy and a lot of other things (Prof. A.P. Ogurtsov interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, June, 2009) 416
My life beyond the profession (Prof. K.E. Razlogov interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, June, 2009) 439
Philosophy and personal course of life (Prof. O.A. Mitroshenkov interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, June,2009) 450

Greeting on Jubilee
To anniversary of Jan T. Toschenko (V.V. Scherbina, Moscow) 474
50+5. Olga N. Astafyeva (Yu.M. Reznik, Moscow) 477

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books of our colleagues 480
YELFIMOV G.M. (St. Petersburg) The professional skills of recent high school graduate . 491
KASHINA M.A. (St. Petersburg) The role of organization in the mechanism of political life 496

In Memory of Colleagues
Rudolf G. Yanovsky passed away (A.V.Agoshkov, Moscow) . 501

Information for Readers
Appendix. The model of peer review of a member of editorial board of an article for the journal “Personality. Culture. Society” . 502
Membership of Public Councils of the Regional Sections of the Magazine “Personality. Culture. Society” (on April 1, 2010) . 509
Requirements for the execution of articles and papers going into the Editorial Board 513
Only in Our Magazine: A List of Translations of Classical Texts (199982010) . 520

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