2009, Vol. 11. Issue. 1 (46-47)

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Editor’s Note
On our plans 10

Classical Heritage
WEBER M. Types of domination (continued, trans. by A.B. Rakhmanov) 12
GURVITCH G. The social frameworks of knowledge (Part 1. Ch. 1-3) (trans. by A.B. Gofman) 22
MOSCA G. Regular armies (trans. by A.B. Rakhmanov) 37
REDFIELD R. The Folk Society (continued, trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 52
FEYERABEND P.К. Science in a free society. (continued, trans. by A.L. Nikiforov) 58

Philosophy in the World and the World of Philosophy. On 80’ anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy RAS
MEZHUYEV V.M. (Moscow) The state and culture 77

As a Discussion
FLIYER A.Ya. (Moscow) Is culture inevitable? ( On the limits of social utility of culture) 90
PELIPENKO A.A. (Moscow) Culture as inevitability (on the status of culture as subject) 99
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Over the limits of culture and sociality: the problem of trans-personality 109
IKONNIKOVA N.K. (Moscow) Once more about artificial, latency,social qualities of culture 120

From the History of Social Thought
VERKHOVIN V.I., IONOV A.A., IONOV B.A. (Moscow) Problems of contemporary Western market society under the J. Habermas’ interpretation 128
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) Decolonial project: from political decolonization to decolonization of thinking and consciousness (finished) 143

Politics and Society
CASTLES S. Nation and empire: hierarchies of citizenship in the new global order ((finished, trans. by V.V. Ushakova) 158
KOCHETKOVA L.N. (Moscow) Social state: philosophical analysis of its essence 169

Civil Society in Russia: Conditions and Prospects
SMIRNOV B.E. (Minsk, Byelorussia) On the question of operational interpretation of the concept “civil society” 176
MERSIYANOVA I.V. (Moscow) Prerequisite of formation of civil society in Russia 186
PAKHOMOV S.A. (Ivanovo) Culture of small communities in contemporary Russia: on problem definition 193

Arts and Life
The image of sense: the painter Helena Gorina (continued) 206
SHUSTERMAN R. (Atlantic University, USA) Form and Funk: The Aesthetic Challenge of Popular Art (foreword and trans. by N.L. Sokolova) 225

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New themes of philosophic anthropology. Sketch 1. The phenomenon of deanthropologisation of human being 236

Philosophy and Culturology
BELYAKOVA L.Yu. (St. Petersburg) Subject matter of freedom within educational space in the Classic German philosophy 251
ZENETS N.G. (Omsk) Person as the subject of philosophic thought-creation 258
KRANK E.O. (Cheboksary) On the issue of self-identification photography as cultural phenomenon 263
MAKAROV D.V. (Ulyanovsk) The caveat of “founder” of post-modernism (the concept “truth” in the novel “Master and Margarita” by M.A. Bulgakov) 270
OBIDINA Yu.S. (Yoshkar5Ola) Myth-genesis origins of the idea of retribution: from myth and poetic symbolism to speculative rationality 277
SOKOLOV A.S. (Petrozavodsk) Social reality as the subject of historic philosophic thinking 285
TIKHONOV A.S. (Cheboksary) “Immateriality of consciousness” in materialistic philosophy 290
Economics and Sociology
GENOVA N.M. (Omsk) Formation of regional cultural policy (theoretical aspects) 296
KOZYRKOV V.P. (Nizhny Novgorod) Theoretical problems of establishment of sociology of dwelling 301
YAILI E.A. (St. Petersburg) The application of risk methodology for management of ecological security level on urban territories 310
Political Science and Law
EGOROV A.G. (St. Petersburg) The strife as a kind of interaction of Biner sides 316
KUCHERYAVYI M.M. (St. Petersburg) Problems of protection military security of Russian Federation in air and outer cosmic space 323
MALYSHEVA Ye.G. (Omsk) Universal ideologem “sport” in political discourse in the USSR and contemporary Russia 330
MILLER A.E. (Omsk) Social aspects of production restructuring 337
ILIIN I.S. (Veliky Novgorod) The problem of negative attitude to the law in Russia 345
History and Philology
ALEKSANDROVA S.P. (St. Petersburg) The struggle of parliamentary opposition with the Crown against the royal authority strengthening in 1673-1681 352
GLUSHKOVA T.S. (Omsk) Alcoholic drinking as the fragment of Russian language world-outlook 359
ERMOLAYEVA N.L. (Ivanovo) The word “fate” in the creative work of Russian writers of the middle of the XIXth century 365
ZHIRUNOV P.G. (Arzamas) Poetics of “telling” in N.S. Leskov’s works of literature (toward the problem definition) 371
KOVALENKO O.V. (St. Petersburg) The activity of K.P. Pobedonoscev as ideologist of Russian conservatism 378
KURDIN Yu.A. (Arzamas) Mythological stories of Arzamas region 383
PATROYEVA N.V. (Petrozavodsk) Linguistic personality, linguistic reflection, linguistic game (thoughts on the pages of “Memo books” by P.A. Vyazemskiy) 391
ROMANYCHEVA Ye.V. (Ivanovo) Folklore principles in the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky “Idiot” 398
SADYKHOVA A.A. (St. Petersburg) Establishment of Arab political journalism in Europe (XIX centure) 402
SMELIK R.G. (Omsk) Special features of social protection of the members of military personnel’ families 408
UZHOVA O.A. (Ivanovo) Linguistic country-specific studies and dictionary 412
FEIZULLAYEVA Z.M. (Ivanovo) Spiritual roll call of epochs 418
YUNAKOVSKAYA A.A. (Omsk) Gender studies from the historic point of view 422
Psychology and Pedagogic
GNATYSHINA E.A. (Chelyabinsk) Competitive approach to teachers’ instruction for secondary vocational training 429
DMITRENKO T.A. (Moscow) Improvement of language training and quality enhancement of vocational training 436
Other reports
MUSOKHRANOVA M.B. (Omsk) Social historic origins of the concept “term” 443

Scientific Life
International Scientific Conference “Philology – Art Studies – Cultural Research: Watersheds and Interface Prospects” (Moscow 2-4 April 2009) 451
3rd Interdisciplinary Scientific Symposium with international participation “Social theory and problems of education in social sciences and humanities in post-soviet space” (Ryazan 24-26 April 2009) 452
1st Interdisciplinary Scientific Symposium with international participation “Social theory and problems of personality in contemporary society” (Kursk 22-23 May 2009) 454
2nd Interdisciplinary Scientific Seminar with international participation «Contemporary social theory: problems and prospects” (Moscow 5 June 2009) 457
8th Congress of ethnologists and anthropologists in Russia. Session “Glocalisation: unity and diversity of contemporary world under the culture research perspective” (Orenburg 1-5 July 2009) 458
5th Russian Philosophy Congress “Science. Philosophy. Society” (Novosibirsk 25-28 August 2009) 459
SHALAYEV V.P. (Yoshkar-Ola) Opening millennium: from the history of regional scientific movements 461

Stretching of one’s mind
NEMEAYSKIY LEV The pocket-book of trickster (continued) 463

Professional Credo
To anniversary of N.A. Stepanov
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) The Man of Matter. Part 1. Introduction to personal image 470
REZNIK Yu.M., STEPANOV N.A. The Man of Matter. Part 2. Interview 495
PODOL R.Ya. About the Man and the Professional 510
SHCHERBINA V.V. A word about N.A. Stepanov 511

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books of our colleagues 514
POVSHEDNAYA F.V. (Nizhny Novgorod) People’s teacher by vocation (review) 526

In Memory of Colleagues
A man of large soul (Yu.M. Reznik) 528
From colleagues and followers 529
From collective of the Department of philosophy and political studies of Saint-Petersburg State University 533
Above the grave of the friend (G.F. Sunyagin) 533

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