2009, Vol. 11. Issue. 3 (50)

Contents (in Russian) 3
Publishers and Editorial Board 8

Editor’s Note
Congratulations on the jubilee! (V.S. Stepin, A.A. Guseinov) 11
YUDIN B.G. (Moscow) Anniversary 12
PAKHOMOV Yu.N. (Kiev) On the jubilee of journal and Editor-in-chief 15
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Ten years path: on the jubilee of the journal “Personality. Culture. Society” 18

Classical Heritage
WEBER M. Confucianism and Puritanism (trans. by A.B. Rakhmanov) 24
GURVITCH G. The social frameworks of knowledge (Ch. VI-VII) (finished, trans. by A.B. Gofman) 44
THOMAS W.I. The Unadjusted girl (Ch. 2) (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 61
HUGHES E.C. Bastard institutions (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 78
FEYERABEND P.К. Science in a free society (Part 2) (continued, trans. by A.L. Nikiforov) 85

Philosophy in the World and the World of Philosophy. On 80’ anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy RAS
KELLE V.Zh. (Moscow) Intellectual and spiritual in the history of philosophical thought and culture (Part 1) 101
OGURTSOV A.P. (Moscow) Truth, plausibility, and probability (Part 1) 117

As a Discussion
Beyond the limits of culture and sociality (continued discussion)
PELIPENKO A.A. (Moscow) The problem of transpersonality and transcendence in the light of hypothesis of psycho sphere (Part 2) 137
IKONNIKOVA N.K. (Moscow) Symbolic and corporeal bearings of the construction of personal reality 152
Personality and creativity
GRECHKO P.K. (Moscow) Creativity: nature, boundaries, and prospects 163
PIGROV K.S. (St. Petersburg) Metaphysics of creativity 173
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Creativity as generic destination of Human being 182

Politics and Society
GROSFOGUEL R. (USA, Berkeley) Decolonizing Western uni-versalisms: decolonial pluri-versalism from Aimй Cйsaire to the Zapatistas 201
DEFLEM M. (USA. Univ. of South ) Sociological jurisprudence and sociology of law (trans. by Ye. Maslovskaya and M. Maslovski) 217
NEDEV T. (Bulgaria, Varna) Mission of European Union and USA in globalizing world 228
EFIMOV O.I. (Cheboksary) From social compact to civil contract 237

Organization Studies and Management
SCHERBINA V.V. (Moscow) Problems of elaboration and application of pathodiagnostics approach for sociological diagnostics of organizations (Part 1) 246
TIKHONOV A.V. (Moscow) Theoretical grounds of social regulation of managerial type 260

Education and Development
LIFEROV A.P. (Ryazan) Transnational corporations as a factor of intellectual migration’ activization in contemporary world 270

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New themes of philosophic anthropology. Sketch 3. Drastic transfiguration of the Human being 278

Arts and Life
The performance called “Life” (Part 2) 293
Contest “The best photo of the journal’ author – 2009” 309

Philosophy and culturology
BUZINA O.K. (St. Petersburg) Problem of subject and overcoming of classical rationality in Western philosophical and art tradition at the end of 19th century 317
BURNASHEV K.E. (Yoshkar-Ola) Human being’ formation in social space 323
DOROGAVTSEVA I.S., TRUBITSYN D.V. (Chita) Problems of transformation of Russian culture under the process of modernization 328
YEGOROV A.G. (St. Petersburg) Analysis of concept “choice” from the point of view of theory of biner 335
KORYAKIN V.V. (Perm) Civilization and formation approaches to the history: Is synthesis possible? 341
KOSTAREV S.V., KALININA M.I. (Omsk) Ecological imperative: foundation and interpretation 349
KUZNETSOVA Ye.I. (Nizhny Novgorod) Media culture: on problematic confideration of the concept 356
SADYKHOVA A.A. (St. Petersburg) Basic concepts and approaches to interpretation of Islamization and re-Islamization in foreign studies (review of Internet resources) 362
SHALAYEV V.P., SHALAYEVA S.L. (Yoshkar-Ola) The factor of world outlook for security and prospects of peoples in global world 370
Economics and sociology
BEKAREV A.M., DOROZHKIN A.M. (Nizhny Novgorod) The choice between conflict and argument 374
BOUSH G.D. (Omsk) Contradictions in clusters of enterprises (on the base of categorical method “the order of goals’ sequence”) 380
VETRENKO I.A., DUBITSKIY V.V. (Omsk) Peculiarities of extremism’ study in the regions (the case of Omsk region) 387
KASHINA M.A., DMITRIKOVA Ye.V. (St. Petersburg) Gender aspect of the politician’ image in Russian mass media: the experience of content-analysis of the press of Saint-Petersburg 393
KIBARDINA L.N., PERSHIN Yu.Yu. (Omsk) On the methodology of social policy’ research 402
KISELEVA A.M. (Omsk) Self-organization of local communities in synergetic prospect 409
KOZLOVA K.S. (Omsk) “Service” as indicator of the society development 414
NESEVRYA N.A. (Perm) Sociological aspects of territorial identity’ analysis 424
SAVCHENKO I.A. (Nizhny Novgorod) Transformation of cultural identity in multicultural community 430
TAZHIDINOVA I.G. (Krasnodar) The Love of wartime: the experience of historical sociological analysis of the lyric poetry of the Great Patriotic War 439
FILIPOVA A.G. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) Social protection of childhood: essence and spheres of existence 450
Philology and study of art
BORODENKOV P.A. (Ivanovo) Causal prepositions in argumentative discourse 457
GOROSCHUK A.V. (Ivanovo) Evolution of English glossaries and thesaurus: the questions of etymology 463
DODONOVA N.E., POLYAKOVA Ye.V. (Taganrog) Ethic personality in English phraseological world outlook 468
YESMURZAYEVA Zh.B. (Omsk) Core meanings of concept Homeland (according to data of lexicographical sources) 475
KATSADZE K.G. (Ivanovo) Two “Portraits”: changes of Gogol’ world through the prism of extra-plot space 480
KRAINEVA N.I., FILATOVA O.D. (Ivanovo) Unfinished ballet libretto on «A Poem without the Hero» by Anna Akhmatova: from the comments to script 486
KURNOSOVA I.M. (Yelets) On “language of represented environment and epoch” by E.I. Zamyatin 494
SITNIKOVA Yu.V. (Omsk) F.M. Dostoyevsky about liberty: does liberalism matches Russia 501
Psychology and pedagogic
MUSOKHRANOVA M.B. (Omsk) The language of medicine under the context of professional education 509
PETROVA A.A. (Volgograd) Psycholinguistic approach to the study of speech activity during ontogenesis 517

Universities of Russia
DOKUCHAYEV I.I. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) Komsomolsk-on-Amur state technical university: we create intellectual potential of the city 524

Scientific Life
Existential fear of high water (On resume of Workshop in Ryazan) (Ikonnikova N.K., Moscow) 527
All-Russia scientific conference “Universities of Russia: the contribution to education and scientific development of regions” (Omsk, October 13-14, 2009) 532

Professional Credo
On the path to himself: non-anniversary conversation about urgent (dialogues with Yu.M. Peznik) 534

On the jubilee of the journal “Personality. Culture. Society” and its editor-in-chief
Sketches and findings
ASTAFYEVA O.N., MITROSHENKOV O.A. (Moscow) (Москва) Dialogue about myths 567
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) To my foster brother by blood 571
IKONNIKOVA N.K. (Moscow) Subjective and conceptual comment to the texts and presentations of Yu.M. Reznik 575
ORLOVA E.A. (Moscow) One anniversary is good, two of them – better 581
PIGROV K.S. (St. Petersburg) Yuri Mikhailovich – “organizer of great style” 586
STEPANOV N.A. (Ryazan) Leader of project management (traits to the portrait of Yuri Mikhailovich Reznik) 590
SCHERBINA V.V. (Moscow) Two anniversaries 594
References of members of editorial council and editorial board
BEKAREV A.M., SARALIYEVA Z.M. (Nizhny Novgorod) There is a mission. It is workable 601
GAVROV S.N. (Moscow) Yu.M. Reznik on epoch of cultural counterrevolution 604
GOFMAN A.B. (Moscow) Yuri Reznik – organizer of science 606
GRECHKO P.K. (Moscow) About Yuri Mikhailovich – a man and a journal 608
DRACH G.V. (Rostov-on-Don) To the anniversary of international journal “Personality. Culture. Society” 610
ZHURAVLEV A.L. (Moscow) To twofold anniversary of the journal “LKO” and its editor-in-chief Yu.M. Reznik 612
KELLE V.Zh. (Moscow) There a lot to say about him (on semicentennial jubilee of Yu.M. Reznik) 616
KRAVCHUK P.F. (Kursk) To the sea captain 617
MEZHUYEV V.M. (Moscow) About Yu.M. Reznik 618
MOSKVICHEV L.N. (Moscow) To fiftieth birthday of professor Yuri Mikhailovich Reznik and tenth anniversary of journal “Personality. Culture. Society” 619
NIKOLAYEV V.G. (Moscow) To the anniversary of Yu.M. Reznik 621
PELIPENKO A.A. (Moscow) To Yu.M. Reznik double-facedfully – as editor-in-chief and shaper 622
POLYVYANNYI D.I. (Ivanovo) Civil society “according to Reznik” 624
POPOVA Ye.P. (Moscow) On the jubilee of the journal and its editor-in-chief 626
RAZLOGOV K.E. (Moscow) Personality headed 627
RAZUMOV V.I. (Omsk) On the fiftieth birthday of Yu.M. Reznik 628
RAKHMANOV A.B. (Moscow) About Yu.M. Reznik and LKO 630
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) The captain of the team 631
SHEVCHENKO V.N. (Moscow) On the jubilee of the journal. Personalistic sketches of the member of editorial board 634
References of colleagues
ASHMARIN I.K. (Moscow) On the anniversary 638
BERNYUKEVICH T.V. (Chita) “Points on the map”, Or on the collaboration of the journal with regions 639
GRITSANOV A.A. (Minsk) The journal as subject of culture 641
MITYAGINA V.A. (Volgograd) Journal “Personality. Culture. Society” for the professional career of researcher and translator 644
PEREPYOLKIN L.S. (Moscow) Scientific journal: traditions and people 645
STRIZOYE A.L., KHRAPOVA V.A., ILYIN D.Yu. (Volgograd) On the jubilee of the journal 647
YACHIN S.Ye. (Vladivostok) On the role of epistemic communities in contemporary world 648
From the editor-in-chief
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Human individuality of the journal (notes and findings) 650

Stretching of one’s mind
Not seriously about serious things (Yu.M. Reznik) 679

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books of our colleagues (T.V. Kerimova, N.A. Kormin, N. Rostova, I.P. Nikitina) 682
GRITSANOV A.A. (Minsk) Social charm of postmodernism 692
MUZYKA O.A. (Taganrog) Review on the monograph A.Yu. Mordovtsev and V.V. Popov “Russian legal mentality” 697
SAVELYEVA L.V., PATROYEVA N.V. (Petrozavodsk) Book review Z.K. Tarlanov “University course of Russian syntax in scientific historical interpretation” 699

Information for Readers
Membership of Public Councils of the Regional Sections of the Magazine “Personality. Culture. Society” (on November 1, 2009) 702
Requirements for the execution of articles and papers going into the Editorial Board 706
Only in Our Magazine: A List of Translations of Classical Texts (1999-2009) 713
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