2009, Vol. 11. Issue. 4 (51-52)

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Editor’s Note (Yu.M. Reznik) 10

Classical Heritage
WEBER M. General character of religiousness in Asia (trans. by A.B. Rakhmanov) 14
RADCLIFFE-BROWN A.R. The Rainbow Serpent Myth in Australia (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 27
FEYERABEND P.К. Science in a free society (Part 2) (continued, trans. by A.L. Nikiforov) 33
HUGHES E.C. Going enterprises: the study of American institutions (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 45

Philosophy in the World and the World of Philosophy. On 80’ anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy RAS
KELLE V.Zh. (Moscow) Intellectual and spiritual in the history of philosophical thought and culture (Part 2) 57
OGURTSOV A.P. (Moscow) Truth, plausibility, and probability (Part 2) 70
YAKOVENKO I.G. (Moscow) History within general cultural context. The problems of historical consciousness occurrence 89

As a Discussion
Contemporary Social Theory
OREKHOV A.M. (Moscow) Institutional social theory: “how to catch a black cat in a dark room” 101
RAZUMOV V.I. (Omsk) On conditions and possibilities of social theory development: system-categorial approach 109
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) On some dead ends of social theory (polemical notes) 122
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) “The society of slaves” by V. Razumov and “the institutional cat” by A. Orekhov, Or What for we need social theory, and what ought it to be? 130
Personality and creativity (continuation of the discussion)
ASTAFYEVA O.N. (Moscow) The personality of scientist within the system of scientific communication (Part 1) 136
KRAVCHUK P.F. (Kursk) Self-expression and self-perfection of personality in creative activity 147
SOKHAN L.V. (Kiev) Life comfort as personal creative project: spiritual dimension 156

From the History of Social Thought
DYAKOV A.V. (Kursk) The system of simulation as impossibility of being of social (on the sociology of culture by Jean Baudrillard) 168
ELFIMOV G.M. (St. Petersburg)The “new” as the category: from Eleatics to Gassendi 175
REZHABEK Ye.Ya. (Rostov-on-Don) The concept of culture of the school of L.S. Vygodski 183

Problems of social development
DUSHINA T.V., MIKEEVA O.A. (Stavropol) “The risk society” as representative model of contemporary society 196
PEREPELKIN L.S. (Moscow) Social evolution as the aspect of the society study 202

Civil Society
BORISOV I.V. (Novosibirsk) On the question of the mode of civil society definition 220
EFIMOV O.I. (Cheboksary) The civic position as generalized responsibility 229
MITROSHENKOV O.A. (Moscow) Is it possible to resist the raiding in Russia? 238
PAKHOMOV S.A. (Ivanovo) Self-organization of small communities. The approaches to the problem 252

Organization Studies and Management
MEN’ M.A. (Ivanovo) The leader as social type: the concept and personal features in Western research tradition 265
SCHERBINA V.V. (Moscow) Problems of elaboration and application of pathodiagnostics approach for sociological diagnostics of organizations (Part 2) 274

Education and Development
DUS’ Yu.P. (Omsk) Higher education under the context of social and economic dynamics 292
TSVYK V.A. (Moscow)Social essence of professional activity 301

Family and society
VLASOVA O.A. (Kursk) Authenticity of pathology and unauthenticity of society: from existential-phenomenological psychiatry to antipsychiatry 309
COOPER D. On Being Born into a Family (trans. by O.A. Vlasova) 313

Arts and Life
The painter Stefan Sadovnikov 325

Philosophy and Culturology
BAGAUTDINOV A.M. (Ufa) The transcendence of spiritual culture 341
VETRENKO I.A. (Omsk) The game as social technology: philosophic aspect 348
GORELOVA Yu.R. (Omsk) The image of a city: the unity of real and ideal features 353
EZHOVA H.Yu. (Ryazan) The personality’s art comprehension in poly-cultural space 361
ZASUKHINA V.N. (Chita) The human being and the personality within the doctrine of conciliarity (sobornost) 363
IRGIZTSEVA Yu.K. (Chelyabinsk) Ontological aspect of hermeneutics: from Heidegger to Gadamer 371
KOMAROV S.V. (Perm) The experience of reconstruction of time structure in M. Heidegger`s work “Sein und Zeit” 377
LEVUSHIN A.N. (Cheboksary) Ecological discourse of everyday culture (social-philosophical analysis) 385
POLYAKOVA T.A. (Yelets) «The Courier. Letters from Pomperague» by G.D. Grebenshchikov : the philosophy of the joy of life 396
RAZUVAYEV N.V. (St. Petersburg) Liber Memorialis by Lutsiya Ampelia: the time of creation and identification of the author 402
SEMENOVA A.N. (Ufa) The collective spirituality as the objective foundation of nation and ethnicity 409
SNETOVA N.V. (Perm) The idea of progressive historical development in N. Strakhov’s critical reflection 416
Economics and Sociology
BALDITSINA Ye.I. (Stavropol) Changing Russia in the conception of institutional modernization 423
KODINA I.N. (Ivanovo) Small town: the definition of borders and typology 429
MAJOROVA Ye.Yu. (St. Petersburg) The specificity of social services for elderly on regional level 434
History and Political Science
SADYKHOVA A.A. (St. Petersburg) Islamization of Europe: history and the present 438
SOLOVYOVA S.V. (Samara) Some sketches concerning existential meaning of power 446
Philology and Study of Art
LOBIN A.M. (Ulyanovsk) Literature and history: on the question of history representation in modern fiction 453
MAKAROVA S.N. (Ulyanovsk) Motif of a way in N.A. Nekrasov’s lyric poetry 457
MESCHERYAKOVA O.A. (Yelets) Folk tradition of describing thunderstorm in semantic space of author’s text by I. Bunin 464
MOSKALYOVA S.I. (Ivanovo) The juxtaposition of homonyms’ meanings for making comic effect (on the German everyday anecdote) 470
POLYAKOVA Ye.V. (Taganrog) Social and psychic factors of moral norms realization by means of ethic concepts in English idioms 475
TAGANOVA T.A. (Ivanovo) National identity and loan words 481
Psychology and Pedagogic
ZHUKOVA Ye.D. (Ufa) Education under the context of cultural security of Russia 488
FATYKHOV S.G. (Chelyabinsk) Mother-phenomenal sources of proto-technological inventions of primitive man 493

Scientific Life
GOFMAN A.B. (Moscow) The Living Mauss. Conference in Cerisy 500
DIYEV V.S. (Novosibirsk) Russian philosophers have met in Siberia 506
7th International Scientific Conference “The human, culture, society under the context of globalization” (November, 2009). Some presentations 510
Plenary session. Welcoming speech and opening address (B.G. Yudin, K.E. Razlogov) 510
Plenary session. Reports
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) From an alternative journal to the journal of civil society 512
ASTAFYEVA O.N. (Moscow) Interdisciplinary journal: the ethic foundation of communications 516
Plenary session. Discussion (V.A.Yadov, Zh.T. Toshchenko, K.E. Razlogov) 512

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books of our colleagues 525
MUZYKA O.A. (Taganrog) Analytical philosophy of history under post-nonclassic discourse 537
UVAROV M.S. (St. Petersburg) The value as a subject of historical knowledge 539

Greeting on Jubilee
To 80th anniversary of Ye.Ya. Rezhabek (O.N. Astafyeva, Moscow) 542

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