2008. Vol. 10 3-4 (42-43)

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Editor’s Note
REZNIK Yu.M. Social reality: ideas and practices 9

Classical Heritage
WEBER M. Types of domination (continued, trans. by A.B. Rakhmanov) 20
Erving Goffman: microsociology of experience and social phenomenology of total institutions (forward to the translations by O.A. Vlasova) 32
GOFFMAN E. On the Characteristics of Total Institutions (trans. by O.A. Vlasova) 38
GURVITCH G. The social frameworks of knowledge (Part 1. Ch. 1-3) (trans. by A.B. Gofman) 51
Sociologism by A.R. Radcliffe-Brown Versus Culturologism by L. White: on the history of one fundamental scientific dispute (forward to the translation by V.G. Nikolaev) 64
RADCLIFFE-BROWN A.R. White’s View of a Science of Culture (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 76

Philosophy in the World and the World of Philosophy. On 80’ anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy RAS
BACHININ V.A. (St. Petersburg) Christianity – democracy – contrdemocracy (Russian model of interrelations) 87
ROZIN V.M. (Moscow) The unity of history and philosophy as the problem of culturology 97

As a Discussion
Contemporary Social Theory
RAZUMOV V.I., SIZIKOV V.P. (Omsk) Specific character of object and method of social theory 107
Responses on the article: P.K. Grechko (Moscow), A.A. Gritsanov (Minsk) 117
Intellectuals and their role in contemporary society
MARKOV B.V. (St. Petersburg) What kind of intellectuals is necessary for contemporary Russia 121
MEZHUYEV V.M. (Moscow) Russian intellectual in the epoch of modern 131
NIKOLSKIY S.A. (Moscow) Intelligent – intellectual – citizen (some ideas on articles by V.M. Meshuyev and B.V. Markov) 137
VETYUTNEV Yu.Yu. (Volgograd) Intellectuals in civil society: diagnostics of situation 139
MAKAROV A.I. (Volgograd) The role of intellectual in the society: interpretative function and cultural memory 142

Politics and Society
GREENSTEIN F.I. George W. Bush: a man and politician (forward and trans. by T.N. Samsonova) 145

Gender studies
BUTOVSKAYA M.L. (Moscow) Gender in contemporary world (finished) 165

Arts and Life
Paintings of Viacheslav Sherbina 171
KAGARLITSKAYA S.Ya. (Moscow) The artist and the Model: I.Ye. Repin and M.V. Verevkina (finished) 189

Philosophy and Culturology
ALEKSANDROV V.B., TYULINA A.V. (St. Petersburg) Anthropology by K.D. Kavelin 203
ASHMARIN I.I. (Moscow) Person and innovative activity 209
VOLKOV M.P. (Ulyanovsk) Ancient world and formation of rational logic mode of cognition 219
GUTNER G.B. (Moscow) Personality and communicative rationality 226
LOGINIVSKIY S.S. (Chelyabinsk) Monastic movement as experience of sociality 232
KOROLEV A.V. (Ivanovo) Reason, freedom and responsibility within growing of a person as a personality 239
POPOV V.V., SEMENOVA V.G. (Taganrog) Identity or opposition? 245
RYABOV O.V., RYABOVA T.B. (Ivanovo) «Russia is rising up from its knees?»: remasculinization and new Russian identity 250
SERGEYEV D.V. (Chita) Structure of cultural meaning and laws of its functioning 257
Economics and Sociology
AGRANAT D.L., STEPANOV N.A. (Moscow, Ryazan) Thesaurus analysis of the process of personality socialization under conditions of militarized organization 267
YELFIMOV G.M., SERGEYEV A.I. (St. Petersburg) Enterprise and social consciousness 275
IKONNIKOVA N.K. (Moscow) Social means of communication 284
KASHINA M.A. (St. Petersburg) Class and gender: the cost of professional self-realization 294
NAZAROV A.Yu. (Moscow) Values of officials (on analytics of tragic world perception of «ruling minority») 300
SHAMSUTDINOVA L.H. (Moscow) Insurance discourse as factor of management of customers-insured behavior 306
History and Philology
YEGOROVA A.A. (Ivanovo) Features of phonetic repetition in some genres of English Nursery rhymes 312
KAZAKOVA G.M. (Chelyabinsk) «Cultural heroes» of Ural region: the experience of generalization 318
KUVSHINOVA A.V. (Ivanovo) Formation of vocabulary for textile industry as a field of knowledge 325
KUDRYASHOV I.V. (Arzamas) On the issue of spiritual self-identification in Russian 2nd half of 19th literature 332
MITYAGINA V.A. (Volgograd) Emotions in communicative action 339
Psychology and Pedagogics
ZAHAROVA L.N. (Nizhniy Novgorod) Value re-orientation of managers under the system of psychological training 345
POLYVYANNAYA M.T. (Ivanovo) Teachers and values of civil society (by the example of Ivanovo region) 357
Additional reports
BABALAYEVA M.V. (Moscow) Aspiration for meaning suppose as tenor of personality formation 361
VATOLINA Yu.V., KREBEL I.A. (Omsk) Communication and its sociocultural models: by the example of works by M. Wittig, W. Benjamin, J. Baudrillard 367
KOVALEV A.I., LUNEVA Ye.A. (Omsk) The role of advertising in social consciousness formation 375
RODINA L.A. (Omsk) Social economic consequences of informatization 382
KIBARDINA L.N., PERSHIN Yu.Yu. (Omsk) «Homo Political» under the context of D. Risman’s concept on typology of social characters 388
STEPANOV N.A., AGRANAT D.L. (Ryazan, Moscow) Institutional contradictions of civil society and militarized organizations 394
ZHURAVLEV A.Yu. (St. Petersburg) Organizational structure and management of junior military school in 2nd half 19th – beginning 20th 400

Universities of Russia
RADOMSKAYA M.V., SMOTROVA T.G. (Taganrog) Model of infrastructure of pedagogical high school: problems of quality management of education 408

Stretching of one’s mind
NEMEAYSKIY LEV The pocket-book of trickster (continued) 412

Professional Credo (to 70th anniversary of K.S. Pigrov)
PIGROV K.S. The point of my life 423
REZNIK Yu.M. The traits to the philosophy of life by K.S. Pigrov 427
Opinions by colleagues (V.Zh. Kelle, P.K. Grechko, B.V. Markov, G.F. Sunyagin) 452

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books of our colleagues 460

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