2012. Vol. 14. Issue. 1 (69-70)

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Publishers and Editorial board … 6

Editor’s note
REZNIK Yu. M. (Moscow) People and the time they chose. The heroes and the antiheroes
of our days … 9
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) The agony of the humanities: who is to blame and what is to be done? … 19

Classical heritage
SPENCER H. The principles of sociology. Part VI. Ecclesiastical Institutions … 25
FORTES М. Religious premises and logical technique in divinatory ritual … 41

Theory and methodology
DAINOTTO R. (USA) The politics of the event (beginning) (trans. M.V. Tlostanova) … 57
LORENZ CH. (Netherlands) Historical knowledge and historical reality: A plea for ‘internal realism’. Part 1. (trans. Ye.V. Mishalova and O.P.Panafidina) … 70
MACHLUP F. (USA) Are the social sciences really inferior? (trans. A.M. Orekhov) … 82

The world of culture
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) On the arbitrariness of geography, or Why do we disappear .. 95
FLIER A.Ya. (Moscow) History of culture as a change of the dominant identity types (beginning) … 108

Civil society
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Civil society: transforming the models of its existence (from rational to transpersonal) … 123
YEFIMOV O.I. (Cheboksary) Civil society: the unity of principles and the diversity of modes … 140
SAMSONOVA T.N. (Moscow) On civic education of the new generation of Russians … 147

Language and intercultural communication
HINO N. (Japan) English as an international language in teaching practice (trans. L.V. Kulchitskaya) … 155
KABAKCHI V.V., PROSHINA Z.G. (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow) “Coming to Rome” with one’s own linguocultural charter: the dilemma of address … 164
Art and life
SKORKIN O.A. (Moscow) The painter and the viewer: human dimension in easel painting …. 174
SULEYMENOVA S.T. (Kazakhstan) I’m Kazakh: in quest of the national idea … 185

Philosophy and cultural studies
ALEXANDROV V.B., KOLTSOVA A.A. (Saint-Petersburg) Love and goodness vis-а-vis violence: N.A. Berdyaev against I.A. Ilyin … 192
BOGDANOVA V.O., BORISOV S.V. (Chelyabinsk) Constructivist ideas in the philosophy of education: from ontology to phenomenology (part 1) … 198
PARSHINA D.S. (Ulyanovsk) Science and religion as the two ways of cognizing the world: the grounds for a dialogue … 206
YUDIN N.L. (Ivanovo) Festival and war (part 2) … 211
Economics and sociology
BEKAREV A.M., PLOTNIKOV M.V. (Nizhny Novgorod) The problematic of social engineering … 219
VERBOVY N.S. (Lvov) Institutional field of circular migration and Ukraine’s migration policy … 227
KIRILENKO V.P., DRONOV R.V. (Saint-Petersburg) Fighting with corruption in the Russian public administration bodies: political and judicial aspects … 235
KRAVCHUK P.F., CHEMYKHIN V.A. (Kursk) Social innovations in the modernization strategy of Russian economy … 241
TSVYK V.A. (Moscow) The ethics of business relations and official ethics … 247
History and ethnology
KOZHEVNIKOVA M. (Moscow) Human-animal hybrids and chimeras in the history of culture and science … 252
SOKOLOV A.S., YEREMIN I.V. (Ryazan) M.N. Tukhachevsky’s “case”: reasons and interpretations (a historiographic analysis) … 259
VORONINA Ye.B. (Ivanovo) Death and life in N. Sarraute’s novel Ici … 265
GOROBETS O.B. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) The Chronotopic chain in French scholarly and fictional texts … 270
DENISOV K.M. (Ivanovo) Theoretical grounds for a description of the phonetic systems of terms … 276
TITOVA Yu.V. (Ulyanovsk) L.M. Leonov’s novels of the 1920-1990s: the semantic and poetic function of irony… 282
UTKINA N.S. (Ivanovo) Volunteer programs to compile dictionaries: new vistas and prospects … 287
Psychology and pedagogy
BOLDOVA T.A. (Moscow) Cultural and education internet interface … 292
PACHINA N.N. (Yelets) Acmeological polyvariant professional development of a future specialist within a competence_based paradigm … 298
SIBIRYAKOVA M.A. (Ivanovo) Axiological reference points of contemporary German youth … 304

MAMEDOV A.I. (Moscow) A Gloomy morning of the decline of the West … 310

Professional credo
REZNIK Yu.M., ASTAFYEVA O.N. (Moscow) Life in the present and the essential in life (a conversation, part 2) … 314

Review essays
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books by our colleagues … 329
YEMELIN V.A. (Moscow) Losing and gaining identity in the modern world … 341
KOCHETKOVA L.N. (Moscow) Social philosophy at the turn of the century … 344

Contents (in English) … 347
Only in our journal: a list of translations of classical texts (1999-2012) … 350