2010, Vol. 12. Issue. 4 (59-60)

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Editor’s note 9

Classical Heritage
RADCLIFFE-BROWN A.R. A Natural Science of Society (part 2, trans. V.G. Nikolayev) 12
FARIS E. The Concept of Social Attitudes (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) 37

Theory and methodology
PELIPENKO A.A. (Moscow) Implicate order and culture (Part 2) 46

DZYALOSHINSKY J.M. (Moscow) Justice: the semantic and pragmatic aspects 58
PONOMARYOVA G.M. (Moscow) Justice and transitionality: compatibility problematic 73
AGOSHKOV A.V. (Moscow) Social Justice 83

Personality and creativity
MEN M.A. (Ivanovo) Social theories of personality: on the way to personology 92
KRAVCHUK P.F. (Kursk), PODGORECKI Yu. (Poland) Machiavellian principles in the system of interpersonal communication 101
ASTAFYEVA O.N. (Moscow) The researcher’s personality in the system of scholarly communications (part II) 111

Culture and identity
ORLOVA E.A. (Moscow) Anthropological grounds for the study of identity 123
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) Multiple identity in the context of transculturation 142
PAKHOMOV S.A. (Ivanovo) Small communities as a particular cultural phenomenon 156

Politics and society
COLLINS R. (USA) The long:term construction of democracy: a geopolitical/sociological theory 172
GORSHKOV A.S., VASETSKY A.A. (Saint-Petersburg) On power vertical in the Russian political system (dedicated to the 10th anniversary of North-Western Federal District of Russia) 184

Gender Studies
BROECK SABINE (Bremen, Germany) Enslavement as regime of western modernity: Rereading gender studies epistemology through black feminist critique 193

HILGENDORF S. (Canada) English in Germany: contact, spread and attitudes 215

Expertization in social sciences and the humanities
RAIKOV A.N. (Moscow) The space of net expertization 235

Art and life
VASCHENKO A.V. (Moscow) Ethnic:cultural factor in the culture and art of the second half of the 20th century 245
DZHANGUZHIN R. (Kiev) Runic scripts of Svetlana Yusim 253
An artist Svetlana Yusim 255

NIKIFOROV A.L. (Moscow) The styles of philosophic thinking 265

Philosophy and cultural studies
AKOPOV S.V. (Saint-Petersburg) The principles of shaping the transnational communities in the context of globalization 277
BABOSHIN V.V. (Stavropol) Philosophic and religious grounds of social nihilism 283
ILYIN I.S. (Veliky Novgorod) The main ethical dimensions of Russian identity 289
MUZYKA O.A., BORDUNOV N.V. (Taganrog) Contradictoriness and multisemantic nature of the concept of “fact” in the context of philosophic and historical studies 296
CHERNYSHOVA L.D. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) Totalitarian culture as a transit culture 303

Economics and sociology
BAKLANOV I.S., YATSENKO A.L. (Stavropol) The role of social networks in globalization processes 309
KUZMINA A.M. (Saint-Petersburg) The shaping of public policy in Russian Federation: a regional aspect (based on the example of Saint Petersburg) 315

History and ethnology
DOLBNIN V.G. (Saint-Petersburg) Theatrical Strelna 323
CHILINGIR Ye.Yu. (Moscow) Cultural and historical specificity of business and social communication of the pre-Soviet Russian entrepreneurs 329

Philology and art history
VRYGANOVA K.A. (Ivanovo) Philosophic and psychological grounds for non-verbal communication 334
KATSADZE K.G. (Ivanovo) Extra-narrative characters and extra-narrative space in N.V. Gogol’s prose 338
LEDYAYEVA Ye.V. (Ivanovo) On some aspects of linguistic verbalization and its effect on the methodology of foreign language teaching (based on English material) 342
MALYSHEVA Ye.G. (Omsk) The “2014 Olympics” as an ideological concept in sport discourse: a linguistic representation based on national cultural codes 347
MILOVSKAYA N.D. (Ivanovo) The linguistic aspect of laughter and the comical in philosophic studies 353
FILATOVA O.D. (Ivanovo) The Black dame: the author’s image in the drafts of the ballet libretto based on Akhmatova’s “Poem Without a Hero” 360

Psychology and pedagogy
YEMELYANOVA T.P., DOROFEYEV Ye.D., SHUSTOVA A.V. (Moscow) Notions of civil responsibility in different groups of Russian society 367
KUTEYNIKOV A.N., OGARYOVA Ye.I. (Saint-Petersburg) Students’ adaptation to the academic process through the formation of their value orientations 373

Other reports
YEFIMOV O.I. (Cheboksary) Global civil society: characteristic and contradiction 379

Scholarly life
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Individual between culture and creativity 385

Professional credo
TOSCHENKO Zh.T. (Moscow) 10 and 50 – Excellent Dates! On the jubilee of the Journal “Personality. Culture. Society” and its Editor-in-chief 396
On professional attitude to research and creativity (Yu.M. Reznik’s interview with professor A.L. Zhuravlyov) 398

Review essays
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books by our colleagues 412
GRITSANOV A.A. (Minsk) On V.V. Fyodorov’s book Theories of Electoral Behavior 423

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