2011, Vol. 13. Issue. 2 (63-64)

Contents (in Russian) …3
Publishers and editorial Board …6

Editor’s note
ASTAFYEVA O.N. Prospects for the Future …9

The public scholar’s tribune
REZNIK Yu.M. Alternativeness as a possibility of living otherwise …14

Classical Heritage
FARIS E. The Retrospective Act (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) …27
HERSKOVITS M.J., WILLEY M.M. The Cultural Approach to Sociology (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) …36
HERSKOVITS M.J. Some Further Comments on Cultural Relativism (trans. V.G. Nikolayev) …45

The world of culture and culture in the world
MIGNOLO W.D. (USA) Cosmopolitan localism (part 2) …53
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) Transcultural and transmodern aesthetics/aesthesis and emancipation of knowledge and of being (part 1) …59

Synergetics in the complex world
ARSHINOV V.I. (Moscow) Innovative, traditional and archaic value components of culture in its synergetic complex dimension …79
DELOKAROV K.K. (Moscow) Synergetics and conceptual shifts in cognition: value and epistemic aspects …89

Individual and ethnicity
NIKISHENKOV A.A. (Moscow) The image of Russia in the context of civilizational, state and ethnic identity …102
RAZLOGOV K.E. (Moscow) The problem of multiple identities …115

Organization and management
BEKAREV A.M., PAK G.S. (Nizhny Novgorod) Organizational culture as a multidimensional phenomenon …120
MEN’ M.A. (Ivanovo) Leadership as an interactive phenomenon …127
SHEVCHENKO D.I. (Moscow) Marketing as a philosophy of contemporary business …139

Problems of expertise in the social sciences and the humanities
KIYASCHENKO L.P., TISCHENKO P.D. (Moscow) Expertise in the humanities and hermeneutics of subjectivity …152
GREBENSCHIKOVA Ye.G. (Kursk) Expertise in the humanities in the risk society …166

Language and intercultural communication
BYRAM M.S. (England) Developing a concept of intercultural citizenship (trans. M.G. Lebed’ko) …173
NIKOLAYEVA O.V. (Vladivostok) Conceptual sphere in the methodology of linguistics …186
POPOVA T.G. (Moscow) The process of translation in the cultural interaction …197

Philosophy and cultural studies
BABOSHIN V.V. (Stavropol) European nihilism in the context of the foundation of modern society …205
BOGDANOVA V.O. (Chelyabinsk) Kant’s philosophy and contemporary constructivism: points of confluence …211
SMIRNOV A.Y. (Stavropol) Social philosophic interpretation of the concept of “super-ethnic mentality” …216
STAROVEROVA K.O. (Moscow) Theory of organizational culture in the structure of cultural knowledge …223
YUDIN N.L. (Moscow) Philosophic dimension of the festival and the festivity of philosophyzing …226

Economics and sociology
KASHINA M.A. (Saint-Petersburg) Gender-oriented social politics as a project of public gender sociology …235
MOKEYEVA Ye.A. (Ivanovo) Social problems as an object of sociological research …242
FILIPPOVA A.G. (Komsomolsk on Amur) Constructing the social protection of childhood system …247

History and ethnology
BAYEV V.G. (Saint-Petersburg) Old believers communities in the regional socio-cultural space …253
KHATOVA A.V. (Ivanovo) The crisis of contemporary children folklore …259

Philology and art history
GERMANOVA O.A. (Ivanovo) On shaping the lexicographic competence of school children …264
ORLOVA Ye.V. (Ivanovo) Linguistic interference in the conditions of globalization (based on the material of English language) …268

Scholarly life
KONEVA A.V. (Saint-Petersburg) The space of humanities discourse in the context of contemporary culture …272

Professional Credo
What was he dreaming about (Yu.M. Reznik’s interview with professor V.P. Kultygin, Fall 1999) 277

Warming up the brain
NEMEAN LION (Moscow) Trickster’s notebook …289

Review essays
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books by our colleagues …292
GRITSANOV A.A. (Minsk) “Small communities” phenomenon: from cultural maieutics to cultural studies as a discipline …301
GAVROV S.N. (Moscow) Creating history: small communities yesterday, today and tomorrow …308
Contents (in English) …312
Only in our journal: a list of translations of classical texts (1999–2011) …315