2010, Vol. 12. Issue. 2 (55-56)

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Editor’s Note 10

Classical Heritage

RADCLIFFE-BROWN A.R. A Natural Science of Society (Part 2) (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 14
FARIS E. Preliterate Peoples: Proposing a New Term (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 37

Issues of Theory and Methodology
GORDON L.R. (USA, Temple University) Philosophy, science and geography of Afro thought (Part 1, trans. by M.V. Tlostanova) 41
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) The Human in the labyrinths of cognition: the levels of comprehension 56

As a Discussion
Once more on object and subject of social philosophy
MOMJYAN K.Kh. (Moscow) On description of the subject of social philosophy 77
GRITSANOV A.A. (Minsk) The last of the Mohicans (comments on the articles of K.Kh. Momjyan) 93
RAZUMOV V.I. (Omsk) The social philosophy and the social theory 99

Does the human keep the spirituality?
KUTYREV V.A. (Nizhny Novgorod) On the issue of the evolution of human spirituality: intelligentsia – intellectuals – intelligent 105

From the History of Social Thought
VERKHOVIN V.I. (Moscow) N. Gartman’s existential phenomenology of social cognition 118

Problems of social development
PEREPELKIN L.S. (Moscow) The primary human social institutes: on the issue of “minimal sociality” (Part 1) 132

Politics and Society
The scientific work of F.I. Greenstein: in commemoration of the 80th jubilee (T.N. Samsonova) 145
GREENSTEIN F.I. (USA, Princeton University) Barack Obama: the person and the president 148

Organization Studies and Management
SCHERBINA V.V. (Moscow) Classic theoretical models of organizational development as guidelines for organizations diagnostics (Part 2) 160
STROGETSKAYA Ye.V. (St. Petersburg) On the issue of forecasting of the consequences of organizational changes (Part 2) 173

Education and Development
OGURTSOV A.P. (Moscow) The education – process vs activity? (Retrospection of interpretations) 181
GRANIN Yu.D. (Moscow) The role of education and mass media in the formation of Russian nation. The poor results 201

Arts and Life
The artist Valery Babin 213

Language and Intercultural Communication
SMITH L.E. (USA, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii) The spread of English and issues of intelligibility 229
PROSHINA Z.G. (Moscow) The varieties of English and intercultural communication 242
DMITRENKO T.A. (Moscow) On some problems of the study of foreign language by the graduate in intercultural communication 252

Philosophy and culturology
EROVA T.V. (Ivanovo) The eschatological discourse in the intelligentsia’ study 262
ZHULKOV M.V. (Ivanovo) The noospheric development: the establishment of the collective reason and social autotrophism 267
MALKOVA N.Yu., OLESHKEVICH N.A. (Vladivostok) The metacultural foundations of intercultural interactions under conditions of fragmentation of living world 271
PHILIPPOV Yu.A., BOKACHEV I.A. (Stavropol) The spiritual and corporal practices from the point of view of the history of philosophy 277
SCHEGLOV B.S., ZAIKIN A.A. (Taganrog) The social contradiction from the point of view of the alternative scenarios of development 283

Economics and sociology
BELOVA O.A. (St. Petersburg) The system of factors of the development of the cross8border cooperation in the Northwest of Russia 288
KARTSEV G.O. (Ulyanovsk) The person beyond the communication system: the analysis of N. Luhman’ theory 294
KLYUEV A.V, URSU I.S., ANISIMOVA S.F. (St. Petersburg) The dynamics of qualitative changes in the system of value orientations and social attitudes of students 299
PANKRATOV V.Yu., CHIRIKOV Y.P., KONDROTAS O.S. (St. Petersburg, Moscow) The outline to the social portrait of the personnel of culture management by regional authorities 305
YATSENKO A.L. (Stavropol) Social nets: essence, morphology, and evolution 310

Political Science and Science of Law
ZANFIRA V.M. (Moscow) The states: on the issue of the typology of political regimes and forms of government 316
PROKURATOV I.V. (Ivanovo) The bureaucracy in Government Services: the problems of definition 321
RAZUVAEV N.V. (St. Petersburg) On historical development of the state 324

History and ethnology
BOGATYREV O.S., TIMOFEEV V.V. (Cheboksary) On the issue of the work of industries evacuated during the World War II (the case of Chuvashia) 331
ZHUKOV A.V. (Chita) Social ideology of religious organization Jehovah’s Witnesses (according the materials on Transbaikalia) 338
IVASCHENKO Ya.S. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) The dried crust and Jukola in the context of traditional perceptions of death and revival 345
KURAEV I.Yu. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) The social mobility in the epoch of anthroposociogenesis 352
NOVIKOV I.A. (Chelyabinsk) The role of V.N. Tatishchev and V.I. Gennin in the development of mining industries in Russia in first half of XVIIIth century 358

Philology and study of art
VARAVKINA V.Yu. (Omsk) The government New Year greetings to the Soviet people from the point of view its propagandistic specificity 365
GORNAKOVA L.Yu. (Ivanovo) Poetic name from the point of view of linguistic and cultural research 370
IZHBAEVA G.R. (Ufa) The representation of national concepts in the Bashkir language world view (according the materials of the story “Long-long childhood” by M. Karim) 375
FILATOVA H.A. (Ivanovo) The means of realization of indirect verbal impact (according the materials of English-speaking political discourse) 381

Psychology and pedagogic
GRIGORYEVA S.G., GRIGORYEVA L.G. (Cheboksary) From the experience of making pedagogic conditions for improvement of grounding of future teachers for innovation activity 385
DEMENTIY L.I., MAGAZEYEVA H.A. (Omsk) The personal grounds for activity strategies in the situation of choice 390
ZASUKHINA V.N. (Chita) The problems of teaching of bioethics in contemporary university 397

Essay and sketches
AKOPYAN K.Z. (Moscow) Is the demiurge the creator? (finishing) 402

Scientific Life
7th International Scientific Conference “Human, culture, society under the context of globalization” (November, 2009). Some presentations
DUS’ Yu.P., RAZUMOV V.I. (Omsk) The civil society in Russia: reason or consequence of innovative development (an example of classic university) 410
MITROSHENKOV O.A. (Moscow) The freedom of speech for Russia 415
FOMINA M.N. (Chita) Innovative processes in higher education as a factor of civil society establishment 420
TERENTYEV A.M. (Kazan) The scientific journals for civil society 423
IKONNIKOVA N.K. (Moscow) The scientific journal: materialzation of ideas and social ties 426
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) The inertial architecture of academic community vs ideal model of scientific humanist journal 432

Professional Credo
On the impossible in the life (A.A. Pelipenko interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, Moscow, July 1, 2009) 437
The sociologist and his paradoxes (corresponding member of RAS Zh.T. Toschenko interviewed by Yu.M. Reznik, Moscow, July 9, 2009) 444

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books of our colleagues 460
USTINOVA I.V. (Moscow) Review on the book by M. Ricoeur “Reading Cervantes” 472
CHIMAROV S.Yu. (St. Petersburg) The breeding of citizen 475

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