2011, Vol. 13. Issue. 1 (61-62)

Contents (in Russian) …3
Publishers and editorial board …6

Editor’s note
REZNIK Yu.M. How to overcome the freezing point, or once again on the civil mission of social scientists …9
ASTAFYEVA O.N. Scholarly publications as a competitive advantage in innovative environment …16

Classical Heritage
FARIS E. The Nature and Significance of the Mores …19
FARIS E. Attitudes and Behavior …26
HERSKOVITS M. Social pattern: a methodological study …34

Theory and methodology
MIGNOLO W.D. (USA) Cosmopolitan localism (beginning) …48
PELIPENKO A.A. (Moscow) Implicate world and culture (part 3) …62

History of social thought
ŠUBRT J., PFYFEROVA Sh. (Prague) Frames and spaces of collective memory: old subject, new approaches …77

Individual and civil society
MEN M.A. (Ivanovo) The individual’s social world: constructing a complex model …86
PAKHOMOV S.A. (Ivanovo) Small communities and power in contemporary Russia: how they interact …102

Economics and society
VERKHOVIN V.I. (Moscow) Phenomenology of economic behavior in Russian folklore …113
SHEVCHENKO D.I. (Moscow) Marketing as a contemporary business philosophy (part 1) …131

Language and intercultural communication
KACHRU Y. (USA) Speaking and Writing in World Englishes (trans. by I.L. Lebedeva) …141
NESTEROVA O.A. (Moscow) Intercultural communication in the context of Russian-Chinese collaboration …158

Art and life
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) Diasporic identities and fiction in the post-national world: rethinking the concepts …167

MASLOV V.M. (Nizhny Novgorod) Post-human prospects and the place of philosophy of technics in the system of philosophic knowledge …181

Philosophy and cultural studies
KUZMIN A.A. (Veliky Novgorod) Individual consciousness in Husserl’s phenomenology …188
YEGOROV A.G. (Saint-Petersburg) Genesis and evolution of rationality …195
KALININ P.Ye. (Ivanovo) Temporal aspects of consciousness …210

Philology and art history
IVANOV D.I. (Ivanovo) A synthetic model of rock-text: its structure and interrelation of the components …205
MIKHAYLOVA Yu.N. (Ivanovo) Syntactic features of advertising texts …212
DZYA Yan (Ivanovo) Linguistic transformation of signs of European fashion in Chinese culture …217

Psychology and pedagogics
NIKITIN G.A. (Cheboksary) Ethno-aesthetic didactics and the shaping of technological culture in the system of teachers’ education …222
SERGEYEV T.S. (Cheboksary) I.N. Ulyanov as the organizer of Poretsk teachers’ seminary …228

Political science and law
KISELYEVA M.A. (Omsk) Sustainable development of municipal systems …234
KOROSTELEV S.V. (Saint-Petersburg) Strategies of regulating collective security in the normative frames of the UN charter …240
PERSHIN Yu.Yu. (Omsk) Political theology in the topology of rational discourse …246
RAZUVAYEV N.V. (Saint-Petersburg) Evolution of political structure of society in the context of social development …253

GENOVA N.M. (Omsk) Development of the scholarly notion on the evolution of cultural infrastructure in the evolvement of cultural politics …260
YEFIMOV O.I. (Cheboksary) Civil society communications: the analysis of value background …269

Professional Credo
On professional attitude to research and creativity (Yu.M. Reznik’s interview with professor A.L. Zhuravlyev; July-August 2010) (2nd part) …278
Philosophy of creativity and creativity in philosophy (Yu.M. Reznik’s interview with professor K.S. Pigrov; July 2010) …304

In Memoriam
Editorial foreword 321
MIKHAYLOV I.F. (Moscow) Culturology of spirituality. A few words on the last works of V. Zh. Kelle …321
PIGROV K.S. (Saint-Petersburg) In memoriam: Vladislav Zhanovich Kelle …328
TOSCHENKO Zh.T. (Moscow) Infinite quest …329
TSZI I. (China) Grieving deeply for the close friend Kelle …330
YUDIN B.G., KISELYEVA M.S. (Moscow) About Vladislav Zhanovich Kelle …333
RAZUMOV A.I. (Moscow) Farewell but not for good. A person and his time …348
V.Zh. Kelle (from photo-archive) …344

Review Essays
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books by our colleagues …355
RODINA N.M., LYKOVA I.A. (Moscow), PROTASOVA Ye.Yu. (Helsinki) The shaping of pre-schoolers’ artistic culture: a review of foreign experience …367
Contents (in English) …376
Only in our journal: a list of translations of classical texts (1999-2011) …379