2009, Vol. 11. Issue. 2 (48-49)

Contents (in Russian) 3
Publishers and Editorial Board 7

Editor’s Note
In the approach to the jubilee of the journal “Personality. Culture. Society” 10

Classical Heritage
WEBER M. Types of domination (finished, trans. by A.B. Rakhmanov) 11
GOFFMAN E. The neglected situation (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 26
The ecological aspect in Hughes’ sociology (V.G. Nikolaev, Moscow) 31
HUGHES E.C. The ecological aspect of institutions (trans. by V.G. Nikolaev) 46
GURVITCH G. The social frameworks of knowledge (Ch. VI-VII) (continued, trans. by A.B. Gofman) 55
FEYERABEND P.К. Science in a free society (Part 1. Ch. 6-7) (continued, trans. by A.L. Nikiforov) 64

Philosophy in the World and the World of Philosophy. On 80’ anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy RAS
DRACH V.G. (Rostov-on-Don) Agonistics and “Homo agonic” in the culture of Ancient Greece 80
MEN’ M.M. (Ivanovo) The mission of philosopher and practical activity 94

As a Discussion
Discourse on modernity and other modernities
Editorial foreword 101
GRECHKO P.K. (Moscow) Contemporary competition of ideas, or On the discussion about “Other Modernities” 102
TLOSTANOVA M.V. (Moscow) From competition to hermeneutics of love: is dialogue possible between Modernity and Alter Modernity? 117
Beyond the limits of culture and sociality (continued discussion)
REZNIK Yu.M. (Moscow) Transpersonality of individual: on methodology of constructing (metaphysical notes) 131
PELIPENKO A.A. (Moscow) The problem of transpersonality and transcendence in the light of hypothesis of psycho sphere (Part 1) 152

From the History of Social Thought
RAKHMANOV A.B. (Moscow) Weber-light and the necessity to overcome it 166

Organization Studies and Management
POPOVA Ye.P. (Moscow) Neoinstitutional model of organization’ development 174
TIKHONOV A.V. (Moscow) Sociology of management as scientific and research program 186

Civil Society in Russia: Conditions and Prospects
EFIMOV O.I. (Cheboksary) Social communications in civil society: agents and functions 193
PAKHOMOV S.A. (Ivanovo) Small communities in contemporary Russia: problems of cultural identity and self-organization 201

Arts and Life
SOLDATOV V. (Moscow) The performance called “Life” 214
SHUSTERMAN R. (Atlantic University, USA) Form and Funk: The Aesthetic Challenge of Popular Art (finished, trans. by N.L. Sokolova) 230

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New themes of philosophic anthropology. Sketch 2. “The centaur’s vindictive gift” 247

Philosophy and Culturology
BERNYUKEVICH T.V. (Chita) Buddhist motifs in the I. Bunin creative work 261
VOLKOV M.P. (Ulyanovsk) Philosophy and genesis of science 271
ZENETCS N.G. (Omsk) «Telos» of many faces philosophic thought: philosophy in search for wholeness 278
KALACHIDI E.Yu. (Perm) The correlation of social and biological from the point of view of recent scientific theories 283
POPOV V.V., SCHEGLOV B.S., IVANENKO A.A. (Taganrog) Temporal reference under the context of social contradiction 288
SMAZNOVA O.F. (Veliky Novgorod) Mythic in the experience of everyday life 295
SMIRNOV D.G. (Ivanovo) Semioconsciousness as form of spiritual existence of humanity 302
TARASOVA O.I. (Yelets) Living memory and/or information forgetfulness? 309
TIKHONOVA A.S., TIMOFEYEV M.S. (Cheboksary) Interconnection of physical and mental: causal explanation 317
TYULENEV A.I. (Yoshkar-Ola) The ethics of Old-believers as a factor of Russian entrepreneurship‘ genesis 323
UKOLOVA M.S. (Cheboksary) Ethnofuturism in contemporary Chuvash culture 328
Economics and Sociology
BAZIKYAN S.A. (Veliky Novgorod) Branding and myth-creating: archetypes in advertising 335
KRAVCHUK P.F., SHKARINA Yu.Yu. (Kursk) Social interaction of elderly people and youth in the process of culture continuity 341
PODOLYAK Ye.Yu. (Perm) Institutional values and subculture of trade unions in contemporary Russia 349
Political Science and Law
KLYUEV A.V., PRIYATELEVA L.G. (St. Petersburg) The typology of social and political participation of educationalists (in the aspect of the region) 356
SOLOVYEVA Ye.O. (St. Petersburg) Priorities of state educational policy of modernization of school education 362
BOBYLEV D.V. (Chelyabinsk) The impact of military reforem (1880-90th) on training of Cossack officers 368
Philology and study of art
BALAMAKOVA A.V. (Ivanovo) English speaking juridical discourse: verbal and non-verbal components 372
ZERNIKOV K.A. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) Net culture XXI-th century: Internet slang 376
KOMAROVA Ye.A. (Ivanovo) Space as suggestor of psychological condition in J.-K. Huysmans’s novel “En Rade” 382
MASALEVA N.V. (Ivanovo) The phenomenon of the beauty of human body in Russian and Serbian phraseology 389
PAVLOVA M.N. (Ivanovo) The comprehension of the scientific progress in E. Poe’s short story “The Sphinx” 394
Psychology and Pedagogic
ZHABAKOV V.Ye., ZHABAKOVA T.V. (Chelyabinsk) Professional pedagogical training of physical culture specialist 399
TROITSKAYA I.Yu. (Arzamas) The experience of organization of psychological and pedagogical service in contemporary institute of higher education 404
Other reports
MUZYKA O.A., ZHDANOVA B.I., SUMERENKOVA O.S. (Taganrog) Temporal synergism in contemporary prospect 408

Scientific Life
On correlation of social and personal realities: diaries of society and diaries of personality: materials of interdisciplinary seminar “Social theory and sociocultural dynamics of Russia”
(Moscow, Institute of Philosophy RAS, September 15, 2008) 415
PIGROV K.S. (St. Petersburg) The meaning of personality 415
Discussion (K.S. Pigrov, Yu.M. Reznik, V.M. Mezhuev, V.Zh. Kelle, O.K. Rumyantsev, P.F. Kravchuk, P.K. Grechko et al.) 423
In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of journal “Personality. Culture. Society”. VII-th International scientific conference “Individual, culture, and society under the context of globalization” 434

Stretching of one’s mind
NEMEYSKIY LEV The pocket-book of trickster (continued) 436

Professional Credo
The philosophy of professional (interview with Prof. P.K. Grechko, February 12, 2009) 442
The destiny of scientist (interview with Prof. B.G. Yudin) 456
GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) The life as adventure of self-realization 478

GUREVICH P.S. (Moscow) New books of our colleagues 483
LUBOVA Ye.Yu. (Arzamas) New works on Nizhny Novgorod’ micro toponymy 495
POLEZHAYEV D.V. (Volgograd) The phenomenon of mentality in social sciences and humanities: historiographic notes 496

In Memory of Colleagues
MOSKVICHEV L.N. (Moscow) In memory of Professor Vladimir P. Kultygin 502

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Membership of Public Councils of the Regional Sections of the Magazine “Personality. Culture. Society” (on June 1, 2009) 504
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